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Need a Year’s Supply of Toilet Paper? Giveaway!

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aftb-angel-softAngel Soft Giveaway

I attended BlogHer 2014 a few weeks ago in San Jose, CA. It was such a unique experience to be in a room(s) FULL of bloggers. One of the fun parts about the convention is the expo hall where all kinds of unique vendors gather to promote their brands and fun promotions or messages.

Angel Soft® invited me to be their VIP blogger for this convention which means I got to host a Twitter party live in their booth! When you walked into the expo hall their booth was right there so light and bright.

Angel Soft at BlogHer 2014

They were doing a photo AND video booth where you could share your #SheetHappens moments (or funny stories like the fun ones on their site). Everyone has those moments every once in a while and it was fun to swap stories with other bloggers.

Angel Soft BlogHer 2014

Angel Soft Twitter party

I think they had a fun booth that definitely provided lots of laughs! One of the reasons I love teaming up with Angel Soft® is because who doesn’t need toilet paper? We all buy it and I get to give you a chance to win a year’s supply of Angel Soft® toilet paper AND facial tissue! A year without having to buy either of those things – how nice would that be?!

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Angel Soft® has been sharing #SheetHappens moments on their Facebook and Twitter pages so you can like/follow them for some hilarious moments (and share your own).

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  1. Jessica Beard Reply

    I ask someone in the next stall over if out in public or yell to a family member if at my house.

  2. I usually curse them out under my breath while looking around for a box of Kleenex!

  3. Call out for a family member to bring me another roll (and hope that we have more tissue).

  4. We keep extra rolls in the bathroom closet so not a problem but if that stock was empty, then go for a tissue.

  5. Dawn Keenan Reply

    I always have a secret stash in the closet, so there’s always t.p.

  6. steve weber Reply

    I’ll yell for someone to bring me a roll.. otherwise I’ll use Kleenex.

  7. I yell at my husband then either hope I can reach another roll or yell for him to get me one.

  8. When someone doesn’t replenish the roll, I yell at who I think was the last person in the bathroom and try to embarrass them.

  9. I always always always check before I sit down to make sure there is tp :).

  10. I may yell a profanity or 2 then start looking under the sink for an extra roll

  11. Vickey White Reply

    what would I do if there was no TP on the roll?? well lucky for me directly in front of me is the closet where there is a large package to grab from!!

  12. I look in to the cabinet, hoping I won’t need to leave the bathroom looking for tp.

  13. I keep extras in decorative boxes on a shelf next to the toilet as well as a box of tissues. There is always something I can use.

  14. Erin Ellis Reply

    I admit that I curse my hubby and kids under my breath…and then yell for someone to bring me some. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  15. Arena Thompson Reply

    text my hubby to bring me a roll! lol. I’ve got Chron’s… he knows he should never leave it empty 😛

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