Places to use a lunchbox other than school

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If you’re anything like me towards the end of the school year the LAST thing you want to see is that lunchbox. I know I would just be SO over packing lunches everyday. Since we’ve been homeschooling I haven’t had that same feeling towards our lunch boxes, we’ve found lots of new ways and places to use them!

Places to use a lunchbox beyond school

Planet Box sent us this awesome Rover to check out and we’ve used it in so many different ways since. I try to bring food with us when food isn’t part of the experience. Meaning we aren’t going out to dinner to spend time with family and friends or we are traveling and don’t want to eat out for every meal.

Places to use a lunchbox beyond school

This model holds 4.5 cups of food so plenty for most of us! What I love most about Planet Box is that they use stainless steel so it’s safe, easy to clean and stands up to lots of wear. Having the spots for food actually makes packing easier (and for me portion control easier). Plus, you don’t have to always make sure you have plastic bags on hand.

Places to use a lunchbox beyond school

The dippers (bowls) can hold sauces, chili, yogurt etc. so that leftovers can get used up a bit easier! You can also customize the outsides with their fun magnets.

Places to use a lunchbox beyond school

The bag is great for storing utensils, napkins and even water.

Places to use a lunchbox beyond school

So where to we use our lunch boxes besides taking lunch to school? Here are just some of the places/ways you could take and use your lunchbox. If you’re going to be gone for the day just put an ice chest in your car with plenty of ice to keep everything cool. You can also put an ice pack in your lunchbox/bag if you won’t be gone as long.

  • Work
  • Museums
  • Hiking
  • Park
  • Picnic
  • Theme Parks (some will let you bring food in to store in a locker, others you can leave in the car)
  • Waterparks
  • Travel (buy your food when you get there and take it out each day to have for lunch)
  • Long errand days
  • Friend or family’s homes you/your kids have food allergies
  • On an airplane
  • Beach

Where have you brought your lunch to besides school?Places to use a lunchbox beyond school

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