Fort Friday

Happy Fort Friday everyone! And Happy February! I may be building a fort for my son to enjoy while he’s home sick again today – has the flu hit your house too?

Since it’s not Flu Friday how about some forts?! If you’re sharing on instagram can you tag me @allfortheboys so I know it’s ok to share? I’ve been seeing #fortfriday on several photos but want to be sure it’s ok to share them! If you tag me I’ll know it’s ok! If you want them linked to your blog please leave that on the photo as well. You can also email them to me with your info!

This little guy is getting a head start on spring cleaning in his fort!

My friend Tina from Traveling Mama has shared some gorgeous forts at the Subtle Revelry HERE and HERE

A Beautiful Mess has a little tutorial for these DIY Playhouses made from cardboard

A perfect little cushion/blanket fort from the kiddos at ISLY

A fun photobooth spot fort from RoddyLife

Here’s a tent made from a ladder by Poppinette

Have a great weekend!


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