A Car Party

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We were recently sent a huge fun box cour­tesy of Oral-B and Mom­S­e­lect via Mom­my­Par­ties. We invited some friends (and their Moms) over for a little Cars party. I wasn’t sure how it would go over I mean we were giving kids toothbrushes and toothpaste, but all the kids thought it was the greatest thing ever (who knew?!) I guess it’s like going to the dentist my boys love getting new tooth brushes.

I let my oldest take it over and he displayed the goodie bags, got all the seats and snacks ready and basically lead the entire thing himself! He took it over like his own personal project.

One of the activities we did was have a LEGO car race. We talked about doing it for his LEGO party but never got around do it so he was happy to have an excuse. 

I also LOVE this and wish I would have thought to get it.

Either way it really was a nice break from the holiday madness and as a bonus the kids got something they all needed anyway!

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  1. Your son is showing early signs of leadership. 🙂 Well, these toothbrushes and toothpaste would be very useful tokens that would serve as reminders for the kids to take care of their teeth. I've noticed you had different themes in your previous parties! You had a Harry Potter party, and a Spaceship and Laser Beam party. You’re so creative!

    Calandra Janocha

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