The Boys at a Broadway Show?

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My youngest has been LOVING Disney’s The Lion King lately so when I heard is was coming to town I knew this would be the perfect first Broadway type show to take the boys to.

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Now, we’ve been to quite a few local children’s theater performances and they’ve loved it. I don’t think they know what they are in store for with this show though! I’m really excited for them to see it!

It’s playing here in the Phoenix area at the ASU Gammage from Oct 22 – Nov 17 you can see all the cities at

Once we decided to take the boys to see The Lion King I started looking at other shows available and was excited to see several that looked great for the boys like Peter and the Starcatcher, The Wizard of Oz and Blue Man Group. They actually offer a family package to get tickets to all four that we’re excited about

I’d LOVE to know if you’ve taken your kids to a big production like this and what they thought! Have you seen Disney’s The Lion King?


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  1. We took our son and daughter to Lion King as their first big production. My son was five and he went with me and my daughter was three and she went with my husband. They absolutely loved it! They still talk about it. The best thing I bought (instead of the silly trinkets) was the soundtrack (broadway version) and it really etched the whole show into their memory. It's been six years and we STILL listen to the soundtrack regularly.

  2. I took my 6.5 year old to see Lion King yesterday! He's seen the movies about 2 million times and is a huge fan. The show is quite different and the 'scary' parts are very dramatic. He wasn't fazed, but his friend that came with us was very scared and actually had to leave the theatre during each scary part. Every child is different, but you should definitely explain to them that the show is very different from the movie!
    Peter and the Starcatchers was absolutely terrific. It was much too mature for my then 5.5 year old. He was bored and didn't get most of the (vary mature) humor. I loved it !
    Have fun

  3. I love musicals and have seen several Broadway shows. My sons first one was Shrek and he thought it was ok. He was nervous because he didn't like the movie, but the show wasn't as scary for him. His next show was Beauty an the Beast, and again he was nervous because the beast scared him in the movie. But he liked the play because he could tell the beast was just a person in a costume. At the end of the show he was surprised his "eyes were watering"!

    His favorite show by far though was Mary Poppins. He loved the songs and the tap dancing!

  4. I took my then 4-yr-old son earlier this year and it was an amazing experience for all of us!

  5. I take my boys (and daughter) to one big production like that a year.
    I'm sharing something I love and I think it's important to expose them to all sorts of entertainment.
    Your boys will really love Lion King.
    The Shrek show is good too whenever that comes.

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