Active Indoor Ideas

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So it’s finally reached 115F here in Phoenix which means either pool time or inside time! Here are some ideas to keep busy kids moving even indoors!

Active indoor ideas to keep busy kids moving even when stuck inside.

  1. Printable dinosaur fossil hunt game
  2. Paper plate targets
  3. Paper plate polyhedron
  4. Floating ball
  5. Sumo boys
  6. Build a fort
  7. Duct tape game
  8. Jumping minion (or whatever character/item you want to make)
  9. Paper plate balloon car
  10. Pool noodle nunchucks
  11. Recycled rubber band cars
  12. Paper pirate hat

Some of those should keep your kids busy. At least until it’s cooled off enough to go outside! This time of year our schedules are all turned around. We even have to wait until after 9pm to walk the dogs so the ground has cooled off enough for their paws!

How do you keep your active kids busy when stuck inside?

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