Easy Throwing Toy Target + Other Indoor Summer Activities

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Easy Toy TargetWe really like those silly flinging/throwing toys that you can usually pick up in the dollar section, so we made this fun target to get more use out of them.

Easy Toy TargetYou can find these online, at Target, Walmart or even the dollar store, and they come in various different themes like monkeys, chickens, crocodiles, and dinosaurs which we got. The target we used is this one here from another post that we did a little while ago. If you got regular stretchy toys like we did you can just tape it to the floor, but if you got ones that are sticky you can tape it to the wall. If you’d like you can also add numbers to the target for some added competition and put a piece of tape on the floor for the distance away from the target that you need to be.This activity was super fun to play and mess around with, and we hope you have a bunch of fun with it like we did.Easy toy target game - perfect summer fun idea! aftb-easy-toy-target-game-5 aftb-easy-toy-target-game-7 aftb-easy-toy-target-game-3 Easy toy target game - perfect summer fun idea!

While this is a super fun activity, here are a few other indoor activities to do during summer.

Monster Truck Car Crushing

monster truckThis one is simple and fun to do and only requires tin foil. It really is fun to crush all the fake cars with a few toy monster trucks!

Dry Erase Travel Book

dry erase activity bookThis one is fun for kids (and kids at heart) to do while on a long car trip. It’s guaranteed to give everyone a few laughs!

Easy Tricks For Kids

easy tricks for kids

This is another compilation of posts but it definitely has some fun tricks that you or your kids can do.

DIY Droid Targets

droid targetThis is another target post and is both fun to make and to destroy. It’s also super quick and easy to set-up.

Packing Peanut Building

packing peanuts buildingThis one’s a bit messy but easy to do. 

DIY Recycled Playset

recycled playsetThis is another one that’s super fun to build and decorate with. You can make a city, or a quaint small town. You can also pretend you’re a monster and destroy it!


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