Can You Learn To Play Guitar Online?

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It’s a new year which means new goals to conquer, things to do, and things to learn. We are here to tell you that you CAN learn to play guitar online! Parker did just that this last year and is excited to continue into 2018 with the online learning program Fender Play. How to learn to play guitar online At the beginning of last year my 15 year old, Parker, had only strummed a few strings on someone else’s guitar a few times. None of us knew how to play (or how to teach him to play for that matter). In fact, I’m the only one that has had any type of music lessons and that’s when I was around 7 or 8 and it was piano for a year or so. Needless to say, we didn’t have much experience around here so if the boys wanted to learn we were definitely going to have to find lessons somewhere. How to learn to play guitar online We have a bit of an unconventional life schedule with travel (either all, some, or one of us) and now high school in the mix it is difficult to find a consistent night each week to commit to traditional lessons so we were super excited to start Fender Play last year. They say they are the easiest way to learn guitar and after using the program we have to agree! We obviously knew the name “Fender” since they are the most trusted brand in music. How to learn to play guitar online Fender Play will have you playing your first song (or at least a favorite riff from a song) in minutes. You can learn at your own pace, your own way, on your own time. I also love how you can track your progress online so that he can show us what he’s done and how far he’s come since he started (besides him playing for us). How to learn to play guitar online What I love about it is that you can really put in as much time as you want so you’re not restricted to an hour a week. You can pick up your guitar and watch a lesson, or practice skills whenever you want. This is perfect for a busy teen because they can fit in some learning and music in their room in between activities or when we’re not even home. How to learn to play guitar online You can play songs from rock, blues, pop, folk or country with artists that you (and your teens) will know and recognize. Parker loves learning music from Sublime, Stone Temple Pilots, or The Rolling Stones but he also likes to click on and learn some Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson for a change. No Hot Cross Buns here!

We have recommended Fender Play to several friends and would definitely recommend it to you. If your child is looking to play an instrument this year and is even sort of interested in guitar – give it a shot! If you have a new years resolution to learn something new, why not learn to play?! You can even start a trail for FREE to get a feel for the platform and how Fender Play looks from the “student” side. Once you get started they even have a great Facebook group with lots of support and fun live videos each week. How to learn to play guitar online

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