Mathnasium: Helping Kids Learn WHY Mathematical Rules Work

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Mathnasium invited us to come check out their services in North Peoria, AZ and we were more than happy to since we were already researching these types of services in our area! Colton has had several weeks of visits with our local Mathnasium and even though he wasn’t thrilled to be starting, he actually really enjoys going now. I love that their method actually helps kids to not only master math skills, but helps them learn WHY those mathematical rules work. I really think this is what Colton loves about going.

Mathnasium helps math make sense!

Mathnasium is a great service for kids in elementary all the way through high school.  I explained in our first post how they help with basic math concepts and skills and then blend those with a program specifically designed to help students build number sense which shows them how and why the useful number rules they’re learning work. The middle school math builds upon elementary math’s foundation and focuses on explaining why mathematical rules work so that children learn and understand the rules, not just memorize them. They also help students understand their homework as part of each session and prepare them for school tests, as well as standardized tests such as high school entrance exams. I LOVE this part of the service and actually am considering enrolling Parker (my 15 year old high schooler) just for this reason. While he catches on quickly, it’s great to have a team ready to go and help with anything they may be working on. You can check out real results on their website.

Mathnasium helps math make sense! Mathnasium helps math make sense!

Colton grew to really appreciate the extra math in such a great stress free environment. I think that’s the key for him. A fun, easy going place to go that actually helps cement those math skills along with learning new ones.

Mathnasium helps math make sense!

There are 18+ Mathnasium locations to choose from in the Phoenix area and more in other cities and states around the country. Colton & I would definitely recommend you check them out whether your child is struggling a bit with math or not!

Mathnasium helps math make sense!

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