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We’ve been extra hot here in Phoenix. Towards the end of the summer when everyone starts talking about cool evenings and signs of Fall we start to think about cooler weather as well. For us that means a trip to the beach! We figured that our Minifigs would like a trip to the beach as well so we constructed a beach scene for them. (we made this at night so the photos are not taken with natural light)

We took a paper plate and spread some air-dry clay for the sand.

Then painted on the ocean. If you’ve never seen this tip before (I hadn’t) my husband gave me the idea once to cut off the bottom of an empty water bottle to hold the paint. It’s too short to tip easily and you can stick it back in the recycle bin when done!

Then we made an umbrella by cutting a circle and cutting a slit half way down. Put the ends over each other to form an umbrella shape and glue/tape down. Stick a toothpick inside and instant umbrella!

I didn’t get any pictures making the tree because I was helping to make it but I learned this in grade school (and still remembered it). We just cut a strip of brown and rolled up and glued down. Cut another strip of green and cut some slits in the end. Roll up and stick into the brown tube. While the clay is still soft stick in the tree and umbrella.

And here it is all dried and finished.

Looks like we might need to fill in some paint since it dried. It would be fun to do the water out of the air-dry clay as well and make a wave for him to surf on. The towel is just a piece of an old washcloth we cut.

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