DIY Jewelry Tray

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Did you know Mother’s Day is sneaking up on us? It’s next Sunday! I’ve been wanting to do something similar myself so I thought I’d get the boys involved. Both of these are super easy and great for getting the kids involved. I’m not a super “girly” mom. No flowers, reds, pinks, or purples for me. I’m more of a succulents, blue, grey, and green type of mom. Apparently I’m in the minority based on the gifts advertised for Mother’s Day. Here’s what we came up with!

This first one is super cheap and functional. I’ve been needing some new trays/bowls to throw my jewelry or other small things in on my nightstand and dresser. We started out with a pack of 4 bamboo plates from Party City. It was $2.99 – they are advertised as biodegradable party plates and are made out of bamboo!

To get the colors that will coordinate with Mom’s tastes, only put out paints that will go together or will work for mom. That way the kids can choose from colors that will coordinate together, please mom, AND they get to choose. Then you just tape off sections to get the design you want. You could do stripes or squares or whatever you want. If you have a messy or  younger child tape on some plastic wrap or foil to cover the part you don’t want the paint to go.

You can dry with a hair dryer to speed the process if you’re impatient or Mom is coming home soon. We did 2 coats of each color. Once the paint is dry remove the tape.

“This is a REALLY cool craft Mom!” 

Tape off your next section and continue with another color.

That’s it! You can seal it with some Modge Podge, or sealer of some sort to protect the wood and paint.

Both boys (7 and 9) approved of this easy craft and now want to make one of their own. Even if you have a younger child the different brush strokes and painting “techniques” can look cool when taped off into a design.


We also wanted to try these DIY Doily bowls from SodaPop

My boys wouldn’t go near the doily even for mom so we tried some of our own. I let them do this project all on their own so it’s definitely not as “polished” looking as this one but they are still very cute and will proudly hold the stuff I throw on my night stand 😉

Start out with some air dry clay from the craft store and knead it a bit.

Flatten with a rolling pin (we covered it in plastic wrap so as not to get dough in the pin). You can flatten thinner than my boys did but I didn’t want to direct too much on this project.

Cut into a circle

Then use anything with texture to create a neat design on your bowl. He’s using a seashell

Use a bowl to mold your circle into a bowl shape

I wasn’t sure if it would stick as it dried so we just carefully took it out and let dry

He used a piece of scrapbooking elements I had laying around.

It takes about a day to dry (or more if you make it thick). Then you can sand down the edges to make them smooth.

Again you can seal, paint, decorate these however you want. Some ideas are – finger prints (use an ink pad) hand prints, a design with sharpie paint pens etc. Have fun with it!

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  1. Well, I'm in the minority right along with ya! I'm not much of a girly girl either. I just love the textured clay bowl though and I think that my boys would love to make it! Thanks for the ideas 🙂 Happy Mother's Day.

  2. I love the colours and design on the trays, and it seems pretty easy to keep it looking neat. I almost feel brave enough to try this with my 3 year old.

  3. Super ideas! Great for other gifts i.e. grandmas, friends, teachers.
    Love the pendant with the four hearts, is that a necklace?

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