DIY Monsters University Scare Games

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Monsters University is available on Blu-ray Combo Pack October 29th but you can pre-order the movie online. My boys are super excited because they loved this movie so much. I put together a fun mix of games so we could hold our own Scare Games at our Halloween party to tie the Monsters theme in with the fun holiday!

Here’s how you can hold your own Scare Games at your Halloween party (or just for fun)!

Toxicity Challenge “A child’s room is where you scare, but avoid the toxicity lurking there.”

This was the favorite I think, we made hot pink urchins all at once like this:

Lay out a big group of yarn and tie it tightly in groups about an inch or so apart.

Carefully cut through the middle between each group and fluff (that’s it and you can make a bunch at once!)

For the game gather your pink urchins and some duct tape

Wrap each player in duct tape sticky side out. Have the other team throw the sea urchins at the opposing team and try to get them to stick as they run across the field. I love using these pom poms because they stick well but you could use balled up paper as well.

Avoid the Parent “If a kid hears you coming, he’ll call Mom or Dad. Then you better run fast, or things will get bad.”

Have one kid or adult be the parent starting with their back to the other students. The students can try to quietly move towards the teacher but when the teacher turns around she can’t catch anyone moving (or making noise). If she does, they have to move to the starting line.

Simulated Scare “Every one of your skills will be put to the test. The Scare Simulator will prove who’s the best.”

Lay out pre-cut masks and lots of craft materials. Have the kids make masks to see who can make and act out the scariest one.

These are definitely a fun addition to the traditional Halloween games!

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