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This weekend we welcomed Chance into our family thanks to Hope for Paws and Wings of Rescue.

He is rescued from the streets of Los Angeles and now is sleeping in a warm bed every night with a full belly. You can read more about his story on All for the Memories including his rescue video and how we came to find out about him.

The boys are brainstorming ways to help more dogs and bring in donations for Hope for Paws. We’d love if you’d “like” Hope for Paws and Wings of Rescue on Facebook (tell them we sent you!) so you can stay up to date with the great work they are doing.

Check out the post on All for the Memories for more info.

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  1. priscilla peters Reply

    Joining the Hope for Paws and donating when I can. Even have a lucky leash to welcome our rescued pittie, who also is named Chance. Following your Chance I just can't believe what wonderful angels you are. Chance deserves your family and your family deserves chance.

  2. All for the Boys Reply

    Thank you so much Priscilla! I love that you have a luck leash too! Good luck to you and yours!

  3. Francesca Cavatorta Reply

    Amazing dog, good choice Pitbull they loved you child more than you!! Don't listen anyone than accuse the breed. It's not true.

    Punish the owner not the breed.

    A kiss from Italy

  4. I am so happy I read your blog! This post is really heartwarming. I have a rescue dog and she changed my life. I'm still amazed at how much gratitude dogs will show us when we bring them into our homes. Thank you for rescuing Chance and sharing the story with us. I'm really proud of you! : )

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