Happy Birthday and Halloween!

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Happy Halloween today! If you’re celebrating what are you/your kiddos dressing up as? Mine are a SWAT guy and a man-eating shark – will definitely be updating with pictures once I get them! We did spend yesterday carving their pumpkins.

Let me tell you the (quick) story about all the dots in the pumpkins. The boys wanted to do stencils. They picked out Kermit and Perry the Platypus. We cleaned out the pumpkins

“Mom I like cleaning out pumpkins because it’s gross, but cool!”

and then taped on the stencil and they started punching. When that got old after 4-5 punches I offered to help. A few minutes later I looked around and realized I was alone with 2 pumpkins. So I reverted back to the drawings they had made earlier of Jack – O – Lantern faces and quickly carved them into the pumpkins. I was not going to sit outside for an hour carving a perfect stencil if no one was going to do it with me! I guess these things can’t always go as planned.

(Our obligatory pumpkin head shot)

The day before my oldest turned NINE years old! I still can’t believe it. We did a very, very simple family BBQ to celebrate. I did let him choose a party printable for a few simple decorations and he chose the Monster Mash printable set from Spaceships and Laserbeams. Unfortunately since it was Friday and I worked all day before I didn’t get a ton of pictures but here’s what I did capture from our celebration.

(they were trick candles)

and my favorite part (the family really enjoyed it as well)

The collage of pictures in the shape of his birthday year! I did this in the 5 minutes before everyone arrived which is why it’s not perfectly lined up, but it is definitely a fun collage and something I want to do again!

Happy birthday to my handsome, smart, funny, amazing little man!


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  1. Such fun – we have a mermaid, 2 face (batman villain), and Dexter Jexter (who knew there was a cook in Star Wars). We carved pumpkins yesterday and all 3 stuck with it for a long time – I'm the one who left my husband to it while I showered 🙂

  2. LOVE the picture collage. I have 2 boys that will be celebrating birthdays in the next couple of months. Would LOVE to do this!!!

  3. Carrie Duer Reply

    I can't believe Parker is NINE already!! He's as handsome as ever! I love the photo number. You're so creative!!

  4. hi! i found your blog from sometimes sweet. i'm the mother of two little boys, and i couldn't agree more about there not being enough cute/fun blogs out there about boys! what an awesome 9th birthday party! my oldest is obsessed with police officers and also has that SWAT costume that your youngest son has. 🙂 glad i found a new read!

  5. I love your blog! It's so relaxing to just sit here and read it! It's very inspiring! You all seem like a perfect little family and your two sons are adorable! Congrats on ur great blog!!! 😉

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