DIY Starry Nightlight

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A fun (easy) craft for late fort nights, camping or for any kid who likes a little light when they go to sleep

A DIY Starry Nightlight

For this craft you’ll need a glass jar, heavy duty aluminum foil and a light. We used a batter operated tealight (these are great to keep on hand this time of year for lots of different crafts!)

Cut a strip of aluminum foil a bit smaller around than your jar and a little longer (to leave room to cover up the bottom) You can lay your jar on the foil to get a good idea on size.

Poke holes all throuhout the foil. We used a paper piercer with a mat (like a mousepad) but anything that will poke through the foil will work – a pencil, toothpick, hole punch etc. your holes, or stars, can be big or small.

Then carefully insert the foil into the jar folding the bottom. You can crumple the foil at this point just be careful because it can rip. if it does just piece it back together.

Then insert your light

Put on your lid (or not if you want more light) and you’re ready to go! Just a bit of light shines through the holes.

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  1. What a cute idea! Wonder if it would keep my youngest in his own bed – he's just been liberated from the crib and only wants to sleep in ours!

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