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Gift Guide 2016: Teens

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As always, ages can range a bit depending on the kid but here are some unique gift ideas for teens (some teens would fit in here too). As I’m sure you know, teens can be interesting to shop for. Mine doesn’t know what he wants half the time let alone have enough ideas for a list! 2016 Gift Guide for teens


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There’s always video games, gaming systems, cell phone accessories, concert/sporting event tickets or clothes if you know their style/size but here are some other ideas to get your creative juices flowing when choosing a perfect gift for the teen in your life.

2016 Gift Guide for teens

  • A wooden watch – these are popular this year and I love this one because it has a leather band. The wooden bands are easy to break if the teen isn’t careful with their accessories. Plus, you can’t beat that price!
  • Geeky LEGO Crafts – if your teen has always been a LEGO fan, this book has some fun build ideas!
  • Magnetic Dart Board – there are a lot of varieties of these, this one rolls up when not in use.
  • LED Writing Board – A color changing remote controlled LED writing board. Great for notes to your teen or reminders for themselves.
  • DIY Portable Speaker Kit – or any of the “Technology Will Save Us” products if you have a kid to loves to tinker. With this one you build you own speaker using diodes, resistors, and capacitors and attach them to different objects.
  • Lightning Reaction Reloaded (a shocking game) – Each player grabs a handle from the base. Press the button in the center, watch the red light blink and listen to the suspenseful music play. Wait for it…..when the red light turns green GO. Press the trigger button as quickly as possible. Be the last to react and get the electric shock.
  • Build Your Own V8 Engine – Build a V8 Engine and see how an internal combustion engine works. This motorized model simulates a real engine.
  • Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit – recreate da Vinci’s famous catapult that really works.
  • Stylophone Beatbox – Have a kid that loves music? With three new exclusive sounds – Beatbox, percussion and Bass Stylophone – and a new record function that allows you to play back loops of your work, Beatbox booms in stage left as the coolest portable beats machine around! MP3 input means it’s also possible to sync your scratches with your MP3 music, so plug in your Beatbox and layer your sounds over the top of your favorite tracks.
  • Birdie, Make Your Camera Fly – attach your GoPro to Birdie and send it flying for fun in air action shots or video. Any camera accessories would be great if they already have an action camera!

You can also check out our other gift guides from this year and the last few years for more great ideas! I try not to duplicate so there are some items we would have added here that are on our older lists!

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