2015 Gift Guide – Games

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I can’t believe another year has gone by. My kids have grown a TON this year! I love putting these gift guides together each year because they really challenge me to look through all the hype and find gifts that I would be excited to give. I think most everything we’ve personally tried and would recommend and if we haven’t we know many people that have so I feel good about recommending them to you!

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The first gift guide up for 2015 is all about “board” games!

2015 gift guide from blogger allfortheboys.com - a great list of board games!

In no particular order of favorites:

  1. Laser Maze Jr. – even for my older boys this is a family favorite! You position (and re-position) the  pieces on the board to get the laser beam to light up the rocket. They also have the regular Laser Maze and more at ThinkFun.
  2. Pie Face – just a silly, but fun game that’s sure to get everyone laughing.
  3. Tenzi – just dice but many different games to play. The first and most simple is to be the first to get all your dice to display the same number. Sometimes it’s nice to have such a simple game to play!
  4. Lift It – a cooperative sort of game where you build structures with your hands OR the crane on your head!
  5. Code Master from ThinkFun – This is a programming logic game – perfect for your little(or big) coder. In each level, only one specific sequence of actions will lead to success and it really gets you thinking! (plus it’s on sale right now at Target!)
  6. Roll & Play – Something for the little ones! I love this game perfect for kids 18 months and up.
  7. Compose Yourself also from ThinkFun – combines a set of Music Cards with an exclusive website to allow you to create, play and share your own world-class composition. A great game for those who want to explore music, it’s really unique!
  8. SET – a card game I used to play in school that really gets your brain working if you’re looking for something a little challenging but not hard to learn.
  9. Bellz! – use the magnetic wand to only pick up the bells in your color, if you pick up another color your turn is over. Whoever gets all of their color first, wins.
  10. Shut the Box – this is a classic game that’s simple to play but surprisingly fun. This is another family favorite.

Feel free to list your favorite games or if you have any thoughts on any of these in the comments!

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