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One of the biggest benefits to homeschooling (to me) is being able to adjust the teaching, projects, assignments etc. to compliment each child’s learning style. Bridgeway has created an awesome Learning Style Assessment, which we all took, to determine everyone’s unique learning styles, personalities and preferred environment.

Bridgeway Learning Style Assessment

The big downside to traditional classroom teaching is that it’s geared toward auditory learning (listening and remembering). Not one person in my family is considered an auditory learner according to the learning style assessment. In our family we have Tactile-Kinesthetic and Visual learners. Knowing this definitely helps decide where and how to explain new concepts and information. I can tailor each boys’ education to meet their learning needs. Even better, Bridgeway can help me do that through their customized curriculum programs. Our expert advisor used our Learning Style Assessment to help find the best curriculum for each kid.

I love this explanation from the Bridgeway siteSpeaking a child’s learning language is the best way to help them process and retain information and turn short term memories and skills into long term memories and habits.  And when we can do that, we can free up their energy hungry brains for more learning.

You have likely noticed that when children are engaged using their primary learning style they enjoy learning more. Why? Because their brains release the “happy” chemicals needed to create excitement and joy. And when we begin to attach excitement and joy to learning, we develop kids who will become lifelong learners.”

Creating lifelong learners is definitely at the top of my parenting list no matter how my kids are taught. I love how much thought, education and effort Bridgeway has put into the process of getting started with them. Not only did our Learning Style Assessment help us to choose the best curriculum but it helps learn the best way to motivate each of my boys, gives me communication tips and even the type of learning environments to try. And they even have resources available to everyone geared towards specific learning styles!  Check out their Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic White Papers and Videos!

Bridgeway Learning Style Assessment

Through the year we’ll do things that use all different types of learning styles but knowing the boys’ favorites helps me to know what direction to go, especially if they need help with new concepts. Right now they are enjoying getting used to their curriculum and online programs and finding their favorite spots around the house, yard or around town to learn.

Bridgeway Learning Style Assessment

Want to learn your families learning styles? Anyone can take the Learning Style Assessment but it’s also included in Bridgeway’s Total Care Package which is the program my boys are using.

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