Homeschool Curriculum Based on Learning Style

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I have 2 boys with 2 different personalities and 2 different learning styles. The first year we homeschooled I got the same curriculum for both boys so that it would be easier for me to keep track. This year, with our partnership with Bridgeway we were able to customize the curriculum for each boy based on how they learn best.

Bridgeway Academy for Homeschool

Being in middle school (6th & 7th) grade, both boys are in a place where strengths and weaknesses really come out, which is why it was even more important for me to come up with a curriculum plan that would put each kid in the best place to learn.

Bridgeway’s Customized and Total Care packages include a full year’s worth of curriculum based on a child’s strengths, needs, and interests. And we they have both traditional, online, and live course options as well. After taking the learning style assessment, with the help of our expert advisor, we were able to put together curriculum as unique as each kid.

Bridgeway Academy for Homeschool

My oldest in 7th grade is moving quickly through his subjects and works really well on his own and loves to have the books in front of him so we did mostly textbooks for him. We had options for all subjects and ended up going with Saxon math for him (even though there were a couple of options for him based on his learning style) since it’s what he used last year. He was able to help me go through the curriculum options and choose what looked good or what he knew he’d like (like math). My youngest, in contrast, struggles with math a bit and is much more visual than my oldest. We ended up going with the online program for him because of this and the math is much more animated and spelled out, making it easier for him to understand.

Bridgeway Academy for Homeschool

For us, even the simple act of allowing the boys to look through the options with us, gave a sense of ownership and made them that much more excited to start. My 7th grader was super excited that he had choices for Social Studies and Science so that he could really study what he is most interested in. My 6th grader really just wanted the online program not really caring as much which direction it went so he was happy with anything.

Bridgeway Academy for Homeschool

Being able to customize the curriculum without having to go back and forth between several different websites and curriculum companies was a HUGE timesaver. Having our expert advisor show us choices best fit for each child narrowed it down for us even more. It really felt like we were able to customize their learning like we wanted to without the weight (and time) of doing all the curriculum research on our own from scratch.

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