Does Invisalign Hurt?

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Disclosure: Parker is receiving complimentary treatment but, as usual, opinions here and expressed in the comments are 100% our own.

“I wish Invisalign® was around when I had braces” is what I overheard my husband telling Parker the other day. Jared realized that he hadn’t heard Parker complain about pain or discomfort AT ALL and was asking him about how the Invisalign® clear aligners felt for him. Parker said they didn’t really bother him and he hadn’t thought much about it.

Does Invisalign hurt? A personal experience from

He changes his aligners once a week and twice on that first day he’s had a little discomfort from the tightness. He’s never once needed to take a painkiller (I asked several times the first few weeks) and I’ve never heard him complain except for those two times him saying it was a little uncomfortable when I specifically asked on days he changed aligners.

There are no wires or metal poking around in his mouth so he avoided that transition period in the beginning that comes so often with traditional braces. My youngest had traditional braces and we had a harder transition period with his mouth getting used to the metal pieces sticking out.

Does Invisalign hurt? A personal experience from

We’ve been traveling a lot the last couple of moths and he had no issues at all wearing his Invisalign® clear aligners to Disneyland, the beach, bike riding, hiking and even a sleepover. Taking care of them is so simple and has become just a habit to him that he makes it look SO easy. He loved being able to take them out at a party and eat whatever he wanted without having to ask or remember if he was supposed to or not.

Does Invisalign hurt? A personal experience from Does Invisalign hurt? A personal experience from Does Invisalign hurt? A personal experience from

It’s amazing to see how his smile is changing and when I asked him what he told his dad about how they felt he said, “They don’t really hurt at all. I’ve been uncomfortable a few times but I barely remember what that feels like because it was only at the beginning.”

We are loving this process so far and it’s been a far better experience than our experience with traditional braces. We’re seeing Dr. Feldman at Feldman Orthodontics (they have an office in Surprise, AZ or Scottsdale, AZ) but you can find a doctor in your area here if you don’t live near us.

As always, feel free to ask any questions you may have! That’s what we’re here for.

Does Invisalign hurt? A personal experience from

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