5 Tips About the Cost of Invisalign® Treatment

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Disclosure: Parker is receiving complimentary treatment but, as usual, opinions here and expressed in the comments are 100% our own.

One of the questions/concerns we get asked about the most regarding Parker’s Invisalign® Treatment is about the cost.  We got our Invisalign®  treatment with Dr. Feldman at Feldman Orthodontics in Surprise (or Scottsdale) and started over a year ago.  You can read more about our one year experience here. Invisalign shared some great tips with us that I thought I would share on covering the cost of Invisalign Treatment.

5 tips about the cost of Invisalign® Treatment

5 Tips about the cost of Invisalign® Treatment5 tips about the cost of Invisalign® Treatment


  1. Know your insurance coverage. Your insurance may pay a percentage of your invisalign costs. It’s good to know ahead of time but some offices may be able to help you find out as well.
  2. Use your FSA or HSA benefits. You can set aside $2,600 annually in a FSA or $3,400 in an HSA ($6,750 for a family).
  3. Consider payment plan options. Find out if you can spread the cost out over the length of your Invisalign Treatment.
  4. See if you qualify for multiple child/family discounts. If more than one child is in treatment, you could be in for some savings.
  5. Speak to an Invisalign-trained doctor to learn more. Not sure what your options are or where to start? Get all the information you need from an Invisalign-trained orthodontist. If you don’t already have one you can find one here.


5 tips about the cost of Invisalign® Treatment

We have done a mix of things when paying for the boys’ treatments over the years. From spreading out payments to HSAs to discounts from insurance plans. Either way, it has been totally worth it for the ease of use, and outcome for Parker. I’ll be sharing our final thoughts soon since as of now we are officially DONE with his treatment!

Check with your local Invisalign doctor (find yours here) to find out more or about what your treatment might look like or check out their site for more info.



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    Very helpful tips here. Didn’t realize the benefits of this treatment and how we can get discount even for the family members.

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