Considering Invisalign® Treatment for Your Teens?

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Disclosure: Parker is receiving complimentary treatment but, as usual, opinions here and expressed in the comments are 100% our own.

If you’ve followed along the last year, you know that my 15 year old (Parker) has been receiving  Invisalign®  treatment and we thought we’d do a general follow up if you have been considering Invisalign® treatment for your teen (or even yourself)! PLEASE ask any questions that we didn’t answer as we’re working on a little video for you to share some of our thoughts and experiences.

Considering Invisalign® Treatment? Here's one Mom & Son's "Pro & Con" list

Currently, we’re seeing Dr. Feldman and the staff at Feldman Orthodontics in Surprise (or Scottsdale). Overall, we wouldn’t have changed a THING about our experience with Invisalign® clear aligners. We are so happy with the results so far and are super impressed at all the major and minor adjustments the Invisalign® treatment has made to Parker’s smile over the last several months.

Considering Invisalign® Treatment? Here's one Mom & Son's "Pro & Con" list

His experience has truly been nothing but positive and any fears or worries he had before treatment are long gone.

Considering Invisalign® Treatment? Here's one Mom & Son's "Pro & Con" list

To help sum up some of our thoughts on Invisalign® treatment overall, Parker and I put together a Pros and Cons list from our experience on actually having and using the Invisalign® clear aligners.


  • Fewer trips to the orthodontist help with a busy schedule.
  • Easy to maintain (just take out the Invisalign® clear aligners to eat or clean your teeth).
  • You can take them out for pictures if they make you feel self conscious (Parker actually doesn’t even take his out because he feels like you can’t see them in photos).
  • They’ve been working amazingly well for correcting Parker’s smile and much quicker than I thought!
  • No food restrictions. Since you take them out to eat, you don’t have a long list of foods that are off limits.


  • For a teen boy the case is a little large for a pocket so Parker tends to just stick his Invisalign® aligners right in his pocket when he’s not wearing them which could cause them to break. Obviously this is more of a personal preference than a con but worth putting on here!
  • If you have to wear them for longer than a week your maintenance practices become more evident (they can get gross if you don’t rinse them out/clean them properly) this is easily fixed by… cleaning them properly. Parker had a portion of his treatment that required him to wear his aligners for 2 weeks at a time instead of the 1 week that he was used to and just got used to being more diligent with cleaning. Easy fix!
  • The portion of treatment we’re in now has Parker using rubber bands at night. He tends to lose them because they’re so tiny so we go through many of them but this issue is not really specific to Invisalign® treatment I guess, more of an overall dental work issue if you need rubber bands.

Honestly we couldn’t come up with more cons to using them because it’s so simple for us. Have any questions? Please ask below!

Check with your local Invisalign doctor (find yours here) to find out more or about what your treatment might look like.

Considering Invisalign® Treatment? Here's one Mom & Son's "Pro & Con" list

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