DIY Stranger Things 3 Family Costume Ideas

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Looking for Stranger Things 3 Halloween costume ideas for the whole family? This family costume set is inspired by Stranger Things 3 and I think they turned out so good (and HYSTERICAL). The best part? It was really fairly inexpensive to make all the costumes because I found pretty much everything on eBay! We put together an Eleven (suspenders outfit), Alexei (complete with Slurpee), Steve, and even little dog lifeguards from the Hawkins Pool.

I LOVE shopping on eBay. You can find so many amazing deals and hard to find products all in one place. I’ve purchased my camera, tons of shoes, clothes, memorabilia/collectibles, and many costumes or pieces to costumes over the years. It really is such a great first stop when putting together a unique costume! Here’s each Stranger Things 3 costume we put together, what I bought from eBay, and how to personalize some of the pieces.

DIY Eleven Suspenders Costume from Stranger Things 3

Ok, first up is the Eleven costume (I swear I look 11 wearing it lol!!). For this costume, you can definitely check your closet to see what you have already and then head over to eBay to find the rest.

Here’s what you’ll need:

For this costume, you’ll need to paint splatter the shirt. It’s really easy and fun. Just place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt (to keep it from sticking together). Put some paint in individual cups.

Then scoop up a good amount of paint with the brush (or even your fingers) and SPLAT it on! After you’ve done some good splats, you can grab the end of the brush and sort of splay it out to make smaller paint spray. An old toothbrush will work too!

Allow to dry completely then tuck into your mom jeans, add the suspenders and scrunchie and you’re ready to fight the Mind Flayer.

DIY Alexei Stranger Things Season 3 Costume

Alexei was my surprise favorite character for this season so we definitely wanted to include him in our family costume group. Plus, his costume is pretty easy when you can find it all on eBay.

You’ll need:

The only DIY I did for this costume was the Slurpee. I found a design online to use to just glue on the outside of a fast-food cup. You can definitely just draw up a design (commission the kids to get involved in the costume making) or use whatever new Slurpee cup you can find! The important thing is that the flavor is CHERRY!

To make the Cherry Slurpee I literally just stuffed tulle into the cup and hot glued a bit along the way. You could stuff the cup with paper & just put tulle on the top or even use a styrofoam ball painted red for the Slurpee.

Stranger Things Season 3 Steve Scoops Ahoy Costume

For this costume, my son wanted an ACTUAL Scoops Ahoy costume. While you could DIY one out of a sailor costume I thought this t-shirt type costume might get a little more use this year since it’s so easy to wear. We found the Scoops Ahoy t-shirt costume on eBay of course and it was the most inexpensive one I found anywhere! We added in an ice cream scoop for fun.

Super easy, but I’m guessing will be a very popular costume this year!

Stranger Things Season 3 Lifeguard Dog Costume

We wanted to include the dogs in our family costume and while they’d make adorable Mind Flayers, they love wearing t-shirts or tank tops the best. I found some red shirts on eBay and then customized them with my cutting machine using an image I found online. If you don’t have a cutting machine all you really need is some white duct tape in the form of a cross and you’re good to go!

A whistle would be cute too but would definitely just get eaten in this house!

That’s it! Our family Stranger Things 3 costumes. Now we just need to find Dad a Hopper Hawaiian shirt to go along! Do you shop at eBay often? It’s such a great source of costume pieces, full costumes, and fun inspiration.

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