Duct Tape Party

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Duct tape has been a big deal in this house for the last few years. It’s panick mode if we can’t find any. We use it for everything! We decided to pull our love of parties and duct tape together with the help of Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape for a super fun duct tape party!

Duct Tape Party Decorations

I made the banner up ahead of time. The easiest way to trim duct tape to a specific size is to stick it to a self healing mat, cut with a craft knife and it will peel right off ready to use.

I love using nylon thread for these banners because you can use them outdoors and they roll up and store for future use really well!

I secretly set up a fun party for the boys and their friends one day while they were at school.

What more could a kid want – duct tape and snacks!

There were duct tape napkin rings, and duct tape thrown in the middle for a centerpiece (and to use later).

Here’s the flag banner I made – the other is just a strip of duct tape – SO easy.

Duct Tape Crafts

I taught all the kids how to make a belt. We kind of made up our own pattern and way of doing it along the way, but here’s the basics in photos. Fold a strip of duct tape over on itself leaving some sticky side showing at the bottom. Feed through 2 belt rings and secure with the sticky part that was left.

Trim a piece as long as you need depending on the size of the child’s waist.

Secure the end adding layers as needed.

Duct Tape Games

Oh yes, you can play games with duct tape too! This one we called “bug pick up”.

Wrap each other in duct tape with the sticky side out.

Throw lots of plastic bugs, confetti or anything small all over the ground.

Lay down and on the count of 3 roll around to try and pick up as many as you can with your tape.

Next was the “free build” where they could make whatever they wanted using Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape and whatever other materials they could find. I showed them how they could make a pencil pouch using a plastic zipper food pouch.

This was the best part for me – seeing what they came up with.

We had a mask, a few bags, candy pouches that doubled as boats, a bow tie, a wrist band and my favorite, the nunchucks. You can have a judge vote on most creative, most useful, etc.

We had SO much fun. Such a perfect interactive imaginative party. There was one more piece to the party that I can’t wait to show you on Friday!

All the tape we used was from Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape

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  1. That's some pretty awesome fun. I like the spiders, perfect for Halloween party fun.

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