Easy Math Trick for Kids

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Looking for an easy math trick to teach your kids? My brother and I loved these kinds of “tricks” when we were kids. Heck, I still do! Easy math trick for kids

An easy way to practice basic math facts while impressing their friends or parents 😉 I made a printable in case your kids like things in front of them or if you wanted to have them work out their problem. Here’s a quick video too:

STEAM projects

This was originally posted in week 4 of 5 in our STEAM series with the theme “compute”. Did you see our Glowing HandsSquare Plane or Rubber Band Car from the first couple of weeks? Here are the other compute themed projects this week!

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  1. I remember those tricks from when I was at school. Used to love playing them on my parents and grandparents.

  2. Love this trick! Fond memories of my Dad doing it at the table on a Saturday morning and us trying to figure out how he always knew the right number 😉

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