15+ Tricks for Kids to Learn

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Tricks, illusions, magic – whatever you want to call them these are all fun for kids to learn to show their friends and family. Try them out on your kids yourself first so they can see how they should be done!

Dollar paperclip trick

Make paperclips join together without touching them!

Balance your money

Learn to balance your money! This is fun when you have a group and you tell them to balance a quarter on a dollar bill.

Toothpick balance

Balance a fork and spoon on toothpicks!

Magic toothpick star trick

Make toothpicks form a star without touching them.

Make a toothpick disappear

Or how about making a toothpick disappear?!

Easy coin trick for kids

You can also learn how to make a coin disappear.

water trick

Learn how to keep water in a glass while it’s upside down.

walk through paper

Cut a hole in a piece of paper big enough to walk through!

Easy paper illusion, fun "trick" for the kids to impress their friends!

See if your friends can figure out how you cut this paper illusion.

Disappearing (and reappearing) coin trick! So easy you could show the kids tonight!

Make a coin disappear and reappear in a glass of water.

Simple floating cup party trick for kids to learn!

Learn how to make a cup float!

Easy math trick for kids

Impress your friends with this math trick.

candle trick

See if you can blow out a candle through different objects.

Balance can


Balance a can of soda on its edge.

optical illusion

Learn some new optical illusions.

floating paperclip

See how to make a paperclip float.


Check out these 5 rubber band tricks.

Do you have a favorite trick we should feature? Let me know!

15+ fun tricks for kids to learn!

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