Easy Shark Week Breakfast

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It’s Shark Week! Although, I say any day is a good day for a shark themed breakfast don’t you think? I have never been able to create the really cute intricate breakfasts, nor do I have the patience. This fun breakfast idea is SO easy anyone can do it.

Easy shark week breakfast ideaI love watching the “fancy” pancakes being made – like this:

Shark pancakes

I was not born with the ability to draw with a  pencil, let alone pancake batter. While these are SO cool, they all go down the same tube right? I made the boys a fun shark surprise breakfast using blueberries and Trader Joe’s frozen gluten & dairy free pancakes. Yes. Frozen pancakes. Doesn’t get much easier!

Easy shark week breakfast ideaIf you have a shark cookie cutter, use that! We don’t so I looked at a photo online and cut a shark out of the (now cooked) pancake using kitchen shears! Scissors for the kitchen. SO easy and only took an extra minute or so. Since these are finger sized they can dip these into the maple syrup (or yogurt) along with the scraps. Is it a perfect shark? No. Is it cute? I think so! The boys got a smile out of it and ate it the same way they would have had I spent 30 minutes on it.

Easy shark week breakfast ideaI’ll be back with more shark week fun!




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