Floating Ball Activity

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Floating ball activity

Have you seen those floating ball toys where you blow into one end and the ball “magically” floats above in place? Here’s a way to create your own! You’ll just need a bendy straw, paper, scissors, pen or pencil and (not pictured) tape and a pin pong ball or ball made of foil.

Floating ball activity


Trace a circle onto a piece of paper

Floating ball activity

Cut out the circle and make a cut, stopping halfway.

Floating ball activity

Make a tee pee or funnel shape out of the paper securing with tape. Cut a small hole out of the bottom and insert the short end of the straw.

Floating ball activity

Place tape around the outside of the “funnel” securing it to the straw.

Floating ball activity

If you feel like air might get through anywhere but the straw (or you test your ball and it’s not working quite right) you can put some clay around the edge to seal it off a bit better.

Floating ball activity

Now put the long end in your mouth and blow slowly and steadily. The ball should float as long as your airstream is consistent. A ping pong ball works great but we made it work with a well formed foil ball. We wrapped foil around a felt ball (the felt ball didn’t allow the air to flow evenly around it).

Floating ball activity

This post was originally part of our Summer Camp Material Themed Weeks. This was part of straw week where we shared an activity using straws each day.

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    @almost unsschoolers we did a while ago, but we'll have to try it again!

  2. That is so cute but if u take the paper and do it like you did but first decorate it then tape a toothpick through the hole you can make little umbrella drink decorations

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