Fourteen Halloweens

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FOURTEEN years ago today I brought my baby home. I was due November 15th, 2002 but because of some preeclampsia concerns was induced on October 28th. For many reasons I had wanted a natural birth but with concerns of our health agreed to induce. However, after 12 hours of pitocin (we started the next morning after failed attempts at other induction methods) and 2 1/2 hours of pushing I still met my goal of giving birth with no pain meds (despite some bets happening with the nurses lol!). I truly felt like I was floating on air. I had what tasted like the best lasagna I’ve ever had in my life and started my new life as “Mom”.

Fourteen Halloweens Fourteen Halloweens

Parker is smart, chivalrous, adventurous and always fun to be around. He’s a perfect travel companion an always up for something new.

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He’s now 5″ taller than me and just as tall as his dad (he can’t wait to pass him up).


He LOVES the ocean and has his own reef tank. He can’t wait to get scuba certified and explore even more. Hopefully we can accomplish that this year!

Here is a peek at some Halloweens from the last few years.
HalloweenHalloweenHalloweenMan eating sharkStick figure and Quidditch playerLumberjack and bananaHe actually had no costume for his first Halloween. We definitely were not expecting to be bringing our son home that early! I do remember handing out candy and just being so happy to be home and starting our new life. It’s crazy to think that 14 years have gone by since that day but at the same time I can’t believe how much we’ve experienced. Here’s to many more fun Halloweens though I know the years of spending every single one with him are few. I’ll always remember my first, favorite Halloween.Stormtrooper

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