Halloween Costumes for Teens

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The boys have their costume picks for the year! We LOVE Halloween and even if they don’t go trick-or-treating (my 14-year-old might) they love to dress up for parties & to pass out candy. Ever since my teens were little they started EARLY shopping or researching ideas for their costumes. This year TVStoreOnline.com offered to send us a couple costumes to check out and the boys jumped at the chance. They have SO many great pop culture costumes and funny costumes to choose from that they had a hard time deciding!

Halloween costumes from TVStoreOnline.com

THIS is why I love Halloween. It makes me laugh & smile. I love costumes! Colton picked out this teen piggyback ride-on costume (they have some for adults and kids too) and it is hysterical! I love that it made the neighbors giggle when he was testing it out. They have different characters to choose from too so a group of friends could go together and all be riding on something different!

Halloween costumes from TVStoreOnline.com

It’s comfortable and arrived in a box ready to throw on and go.

Halloween costumes from TVStoreOnline.com

Parker chose a Marty McFly costume set. It even comes with a watch! He loves movies so this was the perfect pick for him! They have lots of unique Back to the Future t-shirts too so friends or family could easily throw on a tee and go along with the theme.

Halloween costumes from TVStoreOnline.com

It was tough to choose a costume from TVStoreOnline.com they had so many great options (that are unique too). We love their collection of 80’s Costumes this year as well as all the TV Show costumes and products they have. I will definitely be ordering from them again!

Halloween costumes from TVStoreOnline.com

Do you have your costumes picked out for the year yet?

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