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I just wanted to share some plans that I am super excited about starting next month! I got some great feedback about the idea of doing some themed weeks on our Facebook page – if you don’t follow us on Facebook you might want to think about it! I love that it’s becoming a place where people can ask questions and share ideas

Like how to decorate a spring hat for the spring hat parade (I have no idea we don’t do those here but I knew you all would have ideas) – come share some ideas or ask anything you like!

Back to themed weeks. I thought it would be fun to do a few months of themed weeks. Here are some ideas that have been suggested:

  • Star Wars / Space
  • dinosaurs
  • art
  • simple machines
  • science
  • detectives
  • camping
  • cowboy
  • Harry Potter
  • bugs
  • reptiles
  • animals in general
  • cars
  • woodworking/building
  • ninja
  • digital to real life (full sized angry birds, minecraft etc)
  • knights
  • wipeout
  • gross

I’d love for you to add your ideas here or on the Facebook post as well! We’ll do 13 themes from April – June so you can take these ideas and use them for summer break! If you have something you’d like to submit for theme weeks you can use the contact form here on the page. I’m also thinking maybe a link party for other bloggers might be fun?

And so I don’t leave you without inspiration for your Monday morning here are some awesome ideas I’ve pinned lately!















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