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If you’re a regular reader, you know we’ve definitely upped our adventures in the last couple of years. Doing and seeing more has become a higher priority to me especially now that the boys are getting older. Obviously big trips aren’t always possible moneywise, but I thought I’d share some different ways you can save to fund your big adventures and all the small ones in between.Ways to Save for Travel (beyond budgeting)One tip I have is to definitely not leave out the quick weekend explorations. Check out places in your area or within driving distance. I bet there’s somewhere you haven’t explored yet, even if it’s just a local park! Ways to Save for Travel (beyond budgeting) Here are some ways you can save for your adventures (beyond budgeting):

  1. A credit card that offers cash back. Choosing a card that benefits each family the most can be hard. The U.S. Bank Cash 365 American Express® Card offers you 1.5% cash back on everyday net purchases AND your rewards never expire which is SO important if you’re saving up for a big adventure. I feel like this is a great choice because there is no annual fee, but you get the added bonus of the American Express Benefits along with the 1.5% cash back. Not to mention you could earn a $100 Customer Relationship Bonus which could go right to your next trip (they really are committed to “Making Possible Happen”). Plus, the spending from your little trips in between goes toward saving up for that next big trip! When you put all your expenses on that card, that cash back will add up without you making much of a change at all. 
  2. Make spending changes. I’m not talking about your budget, I mean that decor you just HAD to have for your house that will probably end up in your next garage sale. Take a look at what you’re buying and decide if you’d rather have what you’re purchasing or put money toward your adventure savings.
  3. Have a garage sale/online sale. Purging always feels good doesn’t it? Even better when you can earn some extra cash!
  4. Decide that you want to give experiences instead of things. We’ve gotten better at this over the years, where now the boys are talking about what they want to DO for their birthdays or holidays instead of what they want to open. This way you’re combining that vacation you’ve been saving for with a big birthday or holiday.Ways to Save for Travel (beyond budgeting)
  5. Filter out subscriptions. Go through all those monthly subscriptions you have and see if there are any you can weed out. Cancel them and put that money towards your adventure fund!
  6. Freelance work. Is there anything extra you could do or work on to earn some extra money online or in person?
  7. Pack your lunch. Since we love taking lots of little adventures in between our big ones, we could end up spending lots of money just on food. Pack your lunch with you as much as possible and you could save a ton. An ice chest thrown in the back of the car will keep food cool for a while, even in the summer (do a test first to see how cold your ice chest stays so you’ll know exactly how much ice you’ll need).
  8. Stay in. Have friends over for game night or cocktail hour instead of going out. We’ve started doing this more and are loving it!
  9. Keep an eye on local travel/deal sites and be open to changing your dates. We’ve gotten some great airline tickets or travel deals just by being flexible with our travel dates. I know this isn’t always possible but definitely try to be open with it. You’d be surprised at how much you can save, especially for last minute travel!
  10. When you do eat out, try to find all the local happy hour specials or deals. You can save a few dollars by ordering during happy hour or with local online coupons or restaurant week specials

These are just a few ideas for how you can start saving more for your next adventure.  I feel very lucky that we have family in Southern California, so a lot of times our adventures there are our quick “in between” trips. Gas prices aren’t bad right now and we have free beds to sleep in. Each time we go, the boys and I look up places we haven’t explored yet. On our last adventure, we packed a lunch for the day and visited Crystal Cove State Park.Ways to Save for Travel (beyond budgeting) Ways to Save for Travel (beyond budgeting) Ways to Save for Travel (beyond budgeting) Ways to Save for Travel (beyond budgeting) Ways to Save for Travel (beyond budgeting) Ways to Save for Travel (beyond budgeting) Ways to Save for Travel (beyond budgeting) Ways to Save for Travel (beyond budgeting) Ways to Save for Travel (beyond budgeting)

I love these memories with my boys so very much! Definitely check out the U.S. Bank Cash 365 American Express® Card and see if you can start earning 1.5% cash back on all your purchases. You’ll be growing your adventure savings in no time! I’d love to get you started saving – how about a $100 sweepstakes?! Leave a comment for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

Ways to Save for Travel (beyond budgeting)

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Allison Waken is a wife, mom of boys and Phoenix, AZ native. She has been creating inspiring content for All for the Boys since 2011. Allison loves travel, movies and spending as much time as possible with her family while she can!


  1. Jennifer Rote Reply

    What a great adventure! I’d love to start building an adventure savings for the family.

  2. I’d spend my money on gasoline! It may not be glamorous, but it’s definitely a necessity when it comes to traveling and commuting!

  3. I am putting these tips into practice ASAP so we can plan our own adventure!

  4. Great tips and what looks like a great trip! Thanks for the chance!

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  7. Julie Wood Reply

    I would use the extra cash that I save to buy a new camera and luggage to travel with. I had a yard sale and made a lot of money to buy these things!

  8. Julie Wood Reply


  9. Rosa Osorio Reply

    I will love the extra money for a trip with my grandchildren.

  10. I love the awesome tips. Very helpful, many, I will be using for my next vacation.

  11. Great ideas. We plan on adding more trips with our kids this year. The first stop will be the Grand Canyon.

  12. One day or weekend trips are wonderful! There’s always something new to see or someone new to meet.

  13. Thank you for all the great tips! I would use the cash back to buy luggage! I do not own a single piece of luggage for travel! I have been borrowing a friend’s suitcase.

  14. I love cash back! I would use it to get quality luggage sets.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

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  16. I like your ideas to save. I try to save where I can when we travel, so we can splurge a little on something the kids will really enjoy.

  17. Steve Weber Reply

    These are wonderful, practical ideas – thanks for sharing!

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  18. We have a trip planned for next month, 17 hours each way in the car to go on a cruise. It’s a family trip with my parents, brother and his family. I’m really looking forward to the vacation, but the car ride home is going to be miserable!

  19. Christy George Reply

    I have a trip planned in September to go to my cousins daughters wedding and to see my 97 year old Grandma!

  20. I would spend it on some books and activities to keep the kids busy in the car, and I would spend the rest doing memorable things with our family on a vacation.


  21. Lisa Brown Reply

    I would buy a quality carry-on piece of luggage with wheels.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  22. Lisa Brown Reply

    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  23. What fantastic tips! I will definitely be using these in the future. I would use the money to buy new carry on luggage.

  24. I would spend it on a nice quality camera for lots of picture taking.

  25. Great idea for kiddos to get started, never too late to start!

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