Gaming at Grandma’s

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Going to Grandma’s house (or anywhere really, gaming and grandma just sounded fun together) soon? We thought it would be fun to pull together some items to take along for a long stay at Grandma’s house!

What to bring when gaming at Grandma's!

Obviously a trip JUST to visit Grandma should include lots of one on one time, but if you’re like me when I was a kid you may end up at Grandma’s for long stretches. If you’re lucky like my boys were you’d end up there every day before/after school and all day during the summer or holiday breaks. So what do we bring?

First of all, the boys always grab their Gameband. It allows them to access any of their worlds from anywhere (whether Grandma has a Linux, Mac or Windows computer). Plus a 2.5 hour charge should last a couple of weeks on standby so it will last quite a while even if you are busy hanging out with your family!

What to bring when gaming at Grandma's! - definitely our Gameband

The fun part is you can still access Minecraft the same as you would at home so you can join in with your friends in multi-player mode. Just plug in your Gameband, launch the Gameband App and play! Plus you can save your worlds so if Grandma’s house is super inspiring you won’t lose your progress.

What to bring when gaming at Grandma's! - definitely our Gameband

Headphones (with a mic) and a mouse, if you’re using a laptop, would be good to bring as well! I also love the idea of bringing actual Minecraft toys (or paper craft) with you so you can explain to the grandparents exactly what it is you’re doing and what you’re playing. You can show them a crafting table and how or why you’d use it. Then you can explain what you like to use the tools or supplies you find for. Maybe you can even leave these behind for Grandma to tell all her friends about it.

A ball, cards or something to do during breaks is a good idea to bring along as well. Don’t leave Grandma out though! See if she’d like to watch/play along with you. If anything you’ll have some good stories to tell later.

What to bring when gaming at Grandma's!

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