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Schleich Eldrador Knights

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For me Schleich is one of those toy brands that I think I’ll always have in the house. Their products are so versatile, well made and just call out for kids to pick them up and play!

Schleich Eldrador Knights

We recently got some of the new Schleich Eldrador Knights collection and it is just as awesome as ever. We didn’t have too much time to play when I first opened up the box so I put them all in this basket in the front room and they have since seen LOTS of action.

Schleich Eldrador Knights

Schleich Eldrador Knights Schleich Eldrador Knights Schleich Eldrador Knights Schleich Eldrador Knights

I don’t know why I was surprised, but it was so fun to see all the ages and genders of kids come through our house and get so excited to get these out and play. Their stories were definitely a bit different, but they all commented on how cool everything was. There are some cool features like the cannon and catapult that really work, but these are really about the gorgeous details and just how well made they are.

Schleich Eldrador Knights Schleich Eldrador Knights Schleich Eldrador Knights

The bigger pieces here are part of the Battle Arena but it’s been used here for so much more than that. There has been so much imagination already brought out by these toys that I’ve just left them out for anyone that wants to play! My son loves fantasy characters so these were right up his alley. My niece loved the horses and my nephew’s favorite was the scorpion and cannon.

Schleich Eldrador Knights Schleich Eldrador Knights Schleich Eldrador Knights

My brother commented that they felt the same as they did when we were kids and seeing as how toys have changed so much, that’s really saying something.

Schleich Eldrador Knights

We have some fun inspiration planned to share with this set but I wanted to just show it here as is because that’s what is so great about a simple, but well made (and detailed) toy is that it doesn’t need much beyond a kid to play with them. Even just the action figures themselves are fun to throw in a bag to play with on the go!

Even my older boys who don’t play with toys often anymore really enjoy these still and I plan on keeping them for my nieces, nephews and someday (a very, very long way away) my grandkids to enjoy as well.

Schleich Eldrador Knights

Do you have any Schleich toys? Which ones are your favorite? I’m really thinking I might need some of the farm set!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this beauty & fun! We are new to Schleich and loving the detail!

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