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Have you heard of Geocaching? It’s sort of like a treasure hunt. Someone hides a container of little “treasures” and logs it on the Geocaching site. You create a free account and choose a site close to you (or whever you want) and you’ll get the GPS coordinates for that site. The Geocaching app for iPhone (I think they have Android too) was pretty easy in folling the coordinates but you can use your smart phone with GPS, or GPS unit if you have one.

You log in the coordinates and try to find the treasure! You can get a couple clues and even an extra clue or two on the site. Once you’ve located the treasure you can take a treasure and leave one in it’s place or just sign the log that you were there.

We went looking for our first one after we went to the lake last week. It was kind of fun going out and looking for it. I’m not good with the GPS and didn’t tell Jared that we were getting farther instead of closer so we had to turn around. Once we got to the spot we looked all around and the boys decided they wanted the extra clue to help them. When they had that, they found it right away! 

(I didn’t share pictures of the actual cache or where it was hidden in case someone comes across this same spot)

I had read something about what to leave but we didn’t bring anything so we didn’t take anything, just signed the log and saw what was in it. We were kind of disappointed in the “treasures” that were in the container. Hopefully other sites are a bit better. I’m sure there are by what I’ve been reading. 

We’ll have to try again – who doesn’t love treasure hunting! There is a lot we don’t know yet – like what’s really supposed to be in a cache or what is a Trackable, but we’ll have to look on the site a bit more.

So have you ever done geocaching? Heard of Geocaching? I guess there are sites all over the place!

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  1. We're huge fans of geocaching. We started last year, when our son was 4. We've found about 120 so far. The quality of them (including the treasures inside) vary GREATLY. We always carry treasures with us, as well as special treats. When we discover a geocache with no trading items or totally undesirable ones, my son can choose from the things we've brought along. It keeps it fun for him.

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