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As the school year begins, too many children are already falling behind. I am 1 of 30 bloggers helping #FindtheWords with @SavetheChildren to raise awareness of the need for early childhood education forall kids. I am participating in this social media campaign to highlight 30 words in 30 days — to symbolize the 30 million fewer words that children from low-income homes hear by age 3.

Save the Children provides kids in need with access to books, essential learning support and a literacy-rich environment, setting them up for success in school and a brighter future. Learn more about Save theChildren’s work in the US and around the world:


There is so much power in a word. What does the word ACHIEVE mean to you? The Mirriam-Webster dictionary says that it’s a verb – : to get or reach (something) by working hard : to become successful : to reach a goal.

Achieve - Find the Words

I also believe there’s so much power in getting your children to set goals, to work towards that goal and to know the struggle of getting there and finally achieving a goal.


My boys are gifted in different areas so it’s frustrating to them when one brother catches right on and the other…not as quickly. We encourage them to not give up but to keep working at it. We had an interesting struggle a few months ago with rollerblading. They both decided they wanted to rollerblade on our nightly walk but 1 boy hadn’t really gotten it down all the way. The WHOLE walk was a struggle with tears and frustration but you know what? We got back to the house (finally) and he was proud of himself for doing it and for not giving up and as he was going to bed told me he was so happy that he has parents who push and encourage him to achieve his goals even when he feels like giving up.


Here’s where you come in – How can you help Save the Children in their #FindTheWords campaign?

Take a picture when you see the word “ACHIEVE” out in the world – so on a scrabble board, billboard, written in chocolate sauce on your dessert or with our free printable. Share the photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram through August 31st with the hashtags: #achieve #FindTheWords #all4theboys so that I can see all of your submissions (enter as many times as you like just don’t forget to come back and add your new link)! To sweeten the deal if you participate you can enter for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card through the rafflecopter widget below!

I’ll be sharing throughout the month as well!

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