How to Draw a Family Tree for Mother’s Day to go with a Hallmark Tree of Life Pendant

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I love handmade gifts and we love to include them with gifts that the boys pick out. They’ve gotten very good at seeing something and instantly thinking of a family member they want to get it for which is what happened when they saw the Tree of Life Necklace from Hallmark Jewelry.

They wanted to gift it to their grandma (Mamaw). She has been such a huge part of their lives since they were babies. She watched them everyday when I worked, during date nights and (the few and far between) weekends away. She takes them on special dates and trips, makes treats, plays games and just lives life with them.

She played with them all summer, took them and picked them up for their first years of school. She showed them how to bake and make fresh lemonade. She is a big part of the village that it takes to raise my boys and we are all so thankful she’s in our lives.

She’s definitely a big branch on their tree of life and I think this necklace from Hallmark made them think of her! We loved the selection of Hallmark Jewelry at and my boys were all about that tree for their Mamaw.

To add a bit of homemade to this perfect Mother’s Day gift, my son wanted to make a card to include his tree making skills. I taught him how to draw a tree a few years ago and he never misses a chance to draw one. We decided to make it into an untraditional family tree by adding names.

To make a tree, start with two slightly curved lines.

Add a “v” shape to the top of the newly formed trunk.

Continue making these same shapes to form more branches.

Until the entire card is filled.

And then decorate however you want! My older boys are in a darker color phase so they stuck with brown and black but you could definitely add all kinds of fun colors!

You could also make a tree out of your kids’ hands to go along with the Tree of Life necklace!

To wrap it all up, he drew another tree on a plain white gift bag to pull everything together. Then when they gift it they can explain what the tree means to them and how important their Mamaw’s branch is on their trees.

Hallmark is known for being there in life’s little moments so they’ve created some heartfelt jewelry to help turn moments into memories. Not only is the jewelry crafted in quality materials but it carries a sentimental message to the mother in your life. Plus, you can shop on Amazon which makes your life that much easier!

Have you figured out your Mother’s Day gifts this year? Definitely check out Hallmark Jewelry at, add a Hallmark or homemade card and gift bag and you’ve got a gorgeous, sentimental gift for any strong branch in your life!

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