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We’ve talked about game night quite a few times here on All for the Boys so I thought I’d put together some tips on how to keep game night fun and fresh! Mix up family game night with these tips!Game night shouldn’t be something that’s the same every week (or month or however often you hold it). It should be fun, different and engaging each time, so how do you keep it from being the same?

  1. Have a variety of games. Obviously, on game night you need games. Mix it up with some newer ones and classic favorites. We recently added the Hungry Hungry Hippos game, Pie Face game and Monopoly Empire game! Having games on hand for different age ranges is always a good idea too, that way you’re ready when you have guests of all ages.Mix up family game night with these tips! Mix up family game night with these tips!
  2. Have games with different speeds of play. To extend game night a bit, pull out some games that are really quick and others that take a little more time. We actually love playing these three together. The Pie Face game to determine who gets to go first, the Hungry Hungry Hippos game because it’s a long-time favorite and the Monopoly Empire game is the boys’ latest favorite. It takes a bit more time to play than the other two but is faster than the classic Monopoly game so it’s a perfect choice! My boys are actually getting better than me at playing so I definitely need to up my game a bit!Mix up family game night with these tips!
  3. Play games in a different spot. If you normally have game night on the dining table – move it to the family room, outside in a tent, in a fort or in Mom & Dad’s room. Just by changing the location you’re changing the whole feel of game night making it fun and fresh!
  4. Change up the mood. Use string lights, battery operated candles or party supplies to make this week’s game night a full-on party!Mix up family game night with these tips!
  5. Put away the electronics. We’ll put on music sometimes but putting away the distractions keeps everyone’s focus on the family!
  6. Fun food. Have the kids look up recipes for fun finger foods to eat for dinner. My boys’ favorite since they were little is what they called a “picnic” dinner. They fill up muffin tins with random snacks foods like lunchmeat, cheese, nuts, popcorn, fruit and just snack on those for dinner.
  7. Change the stakes. Each game night, play for a different “prize”. Winner gets to choose the next game night games, dinner for the next night, plays DJ in the car for the next road trip etc. Make it fun and different each time!

We ended our recent game night with several rounds of the Monopoly Empire game. The boys love the faster game play and that it includes some of their favorite brands like Xbox, Nerf, Universal and Guitar Hero Live. I love that it’s something that everyone really likes playing together. I often find the box out on the table as the boys’ way of saying they’re ready to play.Mix up family game night with these tips! Mix up family game night with these tips!

Do you have a fairly regular game night at your house?

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