Interactive Spelling Practice

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Spelling practice ideas for active kids

I don’t know about any of you, but spelling practice for my boys has always  been BORING. We tried to do it while driving, but even then it wasn’t always their favorite. Especially if it was for words they were struggling with, they needed to write them down. Here are some fun ideas for interactive spelling practice that might make it a little less boring.

  • Spell the words in a different accent.
  • Write them on a window with window markers or crayons (the big back glass doors are great for this if you have one).
  • Type it out on the computer or tablet (or use the tablet and pen to write it – more fun that regular paper!)
  • Spell while throwing a ball – each letter as it’s thrown or get the family involved and each person spells a word when they catch it.
  • Spell while jumping rope/on the trampoline.
  • Shaving cream/pudding/salt in a tray or on the table to write words with your fingers.
  • Spelling while on a balance or Spooner board.
  • Spell while dribbling.
  • Spell while bouncing on a hopper ball.
  • Paint with water on concrete. (paintbrush, bucket of water, dry concrete)

Really anything active your kid(s) like to do can be mixed with spelling practice. It keeps them moving/interested while still practicing their spelling words. How do you get your active kids to practice “boring” memorization facts?

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  1. Love your list!! My very active 2nd grade boy loves to write them letter by letter in the air like he’s karate chopping each portion of the letter he’s writing, all I know is that he gets about 95% of the words right when we practice this way!

  2. I used to have my girls march around the kitchen table shouting out the letters. A particularly hard word for one was “orange.” Makes me smile to remember this.

  3. Awesome! We did this last week and he bunny hopped for each letter! I’m glad to have more ideas! With four boys spelling word time can be stressful! 🙂 Thanks!

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