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Magazines are an often forgotten but AWESOME gift for kids. My kids love magazines and it’s the gift that keeps on giving all year! I was watching my oldest (9) read his magazine yesterday and it reminded me that I wanted to post about some of our favorites!

I think National Geographic and National Geographic Kids tops the list in our house

When thinking of some upcoming gifts I decided to look into magazine subscriptions. It’s actually a pretty great gift and a great price. I like to wrap up the current issue of the magazine with a little note about the subscription. I found out that they have National Geographic Little Kids too and Zootles which is the younger version of Zoobooks

My brother and I used to LOVE getting Highlights in the mail and they now also have a younger version High Five.

They also have different Disney magazines for the Disney lovers. And did you know LEGO has a free LEGO club magazine? (There is a Jr edition as well)


Adding in the Cricket magazines! Seems like these have great reviews from all of you! Spider, Cricket

And Muse 

Do your kids like magazines? Have you ever thought about them as a gift? What are your favorites so we can add more to our wish lists!

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  1. My older boys love Boy's Life! It's a scouting magazine for boys and it is a huge hit in our house!

  2. Didn't know about the Lego club magazine! We'll have to check that out. Our favorites are National Geographic Kids and for the boy scouts, Boys Life.

  3. We love Big Backyard in our house. It's by the National Wildlife Federation and is very engaging and insightful. Thanks for the Lego magazine tip!

  4. We get cricket mags too- currently Muse (for the 12 year old) and Ask (for the 7 year old- an advanced reader though). The kids always ask for them at Christmas from grandma, and like deciding which one to get! We used to get Big Backyard and Animal Baby too!

  5. We used to get National Geographic Little Kids and found that there were too many ads for junk food, could you tell me if the National Geographic Kids has the same thing? We currently get Ranger Rick and really enjoy it, it looks like I should check into Cricket also, thanks for the post 🙂

  6. thanks for the lego jr info! we just signed up for Lego Club since my sons older cousins were getting it. They are 8 and up. He is 4. I will be signing up for Lego Jr right now!

  7. My little guy (4 1/2) loves Chirp. I used to love Highlights as a young girl. I didn't know they made one for little kids. We will have to look for it.

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