Melty Beads

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Do you remember these things? Melty Beads?

I didn’t until recently. We were generously sent a box of craft supplies from Craftprojectideas. How fun is that?! It’s nice to have a little stash of things to do. Anyway – this weekend I had a sickie. I got a call a couple of days ago that strep was going around their school. They were fine until Saturday and we had one come down with a fever and sore throat. 

We spent most of the weekend laying around and resting, but a project was requested so I thought I’d see if they wanted to try out the Melty Beads since I knew it would be a quicker project with little cleanup.

When trying to decide what to make my 8 year old (the computer guru he is) decided to google search for ideas and he found a Yoda he wanted to make. 

You just place the beads in the shape you want, place wax paper over the top, and with the iron on dry medium you basically melt the little beads together. Take it off the base, turn over, and melt the other side (with wax paper in between). Since I did the iron we don’t have pictures of that.

Didn’t he turn out cute?!

The sickie decided that he wanted to stay laying down so my 8 year old decided to make one up himself for his brother.

Can you tell what it is?

Even more fun is that these ones glow in the dark!

He decided to then make magnets out of them

It was a fun quick project for our lazy weekend. Thanks Craftprojectideas!

So did you ever play with Melty Beads? Have you kids tried them yet?

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  1. We love these at our house – last time we made them was during valentine's, we'll have to pull them out again – I saw Halloween themed ones at Michael's for $1

  2. Krista Hansen Reply

    Those are really cute. I love them as magnets! Where can I buy those?

  3. Ah-ha! I was wondering what to do with these creations, we have a few – magnets! great idea. Love your blog.

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