Super Heroing

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Lots of you may have already seen this but I know we have LOTS of superhero fans so we wanted to show you before it was too late!

Some General Mills Big G cereals include four collectible comic books featuring the iconic DC Comics’ Justice League characters, on shelves now through April 2014.

I love the backs of the boxes which have several DC Comics Super Hero costume piece cutouts. Fans are encouraged to put them on to strike a Super Hero’s pose, with chest out and hands on hips, to participate in #SuperHeroing, a social media movement to show how to start off the day with confidence… just like a super hero!

Cereal is a special treat in our house but I know I’m not the only one who’s box tops look like this…

Another cool part for the super hero lovers is that once you’ve read Part One of each in-box comic book you can then visit www.BigGCerealHeroes.com to read Part Two.

Have you seen the special super hero boxes?

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