Melvin our Elf on the Shelf

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I’d like to introduce you to Melvin our family’s Elf on the Shelf. In the past he has been known to be a bit mischievous. If you aren’t familiar with the Elf on the Shelf just check out their site or their blog. We think it’s fun to see what he’s been up to each morning when we wake up.

This year my youngest had seen their tv special and wanted to make him a stocking so while I was out of the house he dove into my scrapbook supplies and made him a stocking out of his old soccer sock (gross). (the other side does say “the shelf”) He had forgotten about the sock but I guess Melvin knew he made him one because he found it and hung it right up and got cozy.

So far no silly antics, but who knows what he’ll be up to in the next 23 days.

Does your family have an elf? Do you want to see what Melvin is up to each day? I can do a separate post each day showing you what he’s been up to or I can just make a gallery (with a link in the blog above) and just post the picture. What do you think? I don’t want to overload you with elf pictures if you don’t want to see them. Let’s face it he can be a tad creepy.

Let me know what you think and link me up if you have an elf too!

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  1. I'm a big fan of elf on the shelf antics. Our elf, Earl, has been busy here coming up with new adventures since last Saturday.

  2. I love Elf on the Shelf! My sister n law always tells us about their Elf and I'm excited to buy one someday. This girl in our neighborhood said that she asked her son what he wanted to name their Elf and he said God. I think she talked him out of that haha

  3. Yes, please post Melvin's latest antics. It might inspire our elf, Lovie.

  4. I hate elf on the shelf with the heat of a thousand suns, so my vote is squarely in the "please for the love of bees no" column

  5. I too have all boys, and our Elf JUST flew back in from a long summer at the North Pole. In the morning the boys will see"Mr. Red" sitting on their bird cage.
    I'll make sure he says hi to Melvin back in Elf land.

  6. I love this type of fun, surprises for the kids to wake up to, so enjoyable. Last year we had a Christmas pixie door and he left us notes and surprises each day. This year we have a Christmas Mouse who turned up in a suitcase and things keep arriving each day, the boys love it and it means I can do some little dollhouse things I don't normally get to do! The elf that does silly, funny things is a great idea, I might have to borrow that for next year.

  7. We have an elf on the shelf too! Actually, lots of little elves as well- my grandmother had them around her house when we were little, and they've now moved into our house. The boys love running around the house looking for them, and it only takes a quick reminder that an elf is watching to get them to behave!
    I'd love to hear about Melvin's adventures this month!

  8. I would LOVE to see your elf posts. PLEASE!!! It would give me some fresh ideals for Kris. Love your blog. Have two boys 4 & 6 and you inspire me. Happy Holidays!

  9. We bought the stuffed version of Elf on a Shelf because I thought the original version was too creepy! Can't wait to see what he's up to!

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