Minute to Win It Game Night!

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I’ve never seen Minute to Win It before but the Game Show Network (GSN) is bringing it back and with a new host! Speed skating champion Apollo Anton Ono is the new Minute To Win It host! If you’re like me and have never seen it before each one-hour episode features competitors facing up to 10 challenges that escalate in level of difficulty using everyday household items. Each game has a one-minute time limit and failure to finish the task on time may ultimately eliminate the contestant.

The best part about the games is that they use everyday household items like pencils, rulers, cereal boxes etc. To make a whole night out of it we decided to have our own Minute To Win It competition. Blondes against Brunettes (there are 2 of each in our house). We watched the show together, researched some other Minute to Win It games and planned out our competition. The boys spent quite a while planning out the games of the night!

We decided that the winners will get breakfast (of their choice) in bed made by the other team. I think my husband’s competitive side has rubbed off on the boys because they LOVE games.

We started off with a Level 1 game – Speed Eraser (I knew the boys would like this one) You have to get 5 pencils in 5 different glasses by bouncing them off their erasers. Keep in mind all of these have to be done in 60 seconds or less or you don’t win. We used the show’s rules and each team had 3 lives.

Next we competed in Spin Doctor which is a Level 2 game. In spin doctor 1 teammate has to spin a coin on its edge and the other teammate has to stop it using 1 finger while keeping it on its edge. Look at that concentration!

Then we did Back Flip which is also a Level 2 game. In Back Flip you have to start with 2 pencils on the back of your hand then you flip them into the air and catch them with that same hand.

Next up was office tennis (I suspect this game is going to be played often in my “office”) which is a Level 5 team game. You hit a wadded up piece of paper back and forth using clip boards and finally into a trash can. This one was on the show we got to watch so the boys were excited to try it.

Our last game was Chop Stack (Level 7). In chop stack you have to stack 4 Chapstick tubes on top of each other using chopsticks. We didn’t have enough tubes lying around so we used marker caps (plus it was going to be hard enough for the boys as it is!) You should have seen the concentration!

We also have to deal with real life distractions. Like this

Who won?

It was a tie! We are going to have a tie breaker night soon to see who wins and I won’t be as nice 😉

Why not schedule your own Minute to Win It game night?! The premiere is on Tuesday, June 25that 8/7c on GSN. For more information and join the conversation you can visit on Facebook and Twitter and visit the GSN website


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  1. My boys would love the 'Speed Eraser' – anytime there is throwing of sorts involved, count us in!

  2. Speed Eraser. We have done a few of these also and it does make for a good night of family fun.

  3. I went to a MInute to Win It event at a local club where they had use tie empty kleenex boxes to our bums that were filled with jingle bells. We had to shake the bells out. It was really funny and I'd love to try it at home with my family.

  4. Mine would live speed eraser…they'd love the idea of pencils bouncing all over the place. Great family night alternative to movies and board games!

  5. From the Minute to Win It site, my kids would like Jingle in the Trunk.

  6. They all look like fun! I think my boys would like speed eraser the best! Thanks for the chance!

  7. Our favorite games are Wild Craft, Herd You Horses, and any LEGO game.

  8. With little kids, I think many of the games would be beyond their skill set, but they really enjoy cup stacking, so maybe I have underestimated their abilities. I think they would love the one where you pull all the kleenex out of a box and certainly the ping pong with clipboards woudl be a hit (we may have to do that one with a balloon instead of crumpled paper, but same idea).

    We need to put a Minute to Win It night on our calendar!

  9. I love this show and all your ideas! I am doing this for game night & birthday parties for sure. My family & friends would love this, I love the chop stack game. I can see the laughs and fun we are going to have already. Thank you for an awesome post.

  10. I think my family would like to try Rapid Fire. I think they would like the challenge of shooting the rubber bands.

  11. We would enjoy Junk in the Trunk game.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  12. Margaret Smith Reply

    My family would love the Face the cookie game.
    Thanks so much.

  13. Cassidy James Reply

    I think that my family's favorite game would be Back Flip or Speed Eraser!

  14. My kids would like the Chocolate Unicorn game because they would think it's funny to stack snack cakes on their foreheads.

  15. Stephanie V. Reply

    Love the show and play all the time in this house. hanky panky is our fave game!
    (except now I have Ziploc bags full of tissues)
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  16. This Blows looks like so much fun. I love games that can be played by all ages and with easily available materials

  17. I think Stack Attack, the cup stacking game, is something we'd all have fun with 🙂

  18. Shauntea Crutcher Reply

    My family would probably like Rapid Fire. It seems like a game that all of my children can play.

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