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Monitoring Kids Online with Net Nanny

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I think the question I get the most from friends and readers is how do we protect our kids online, restrict time spent or know what they are doing while online. We’ve been researching different ways and I’m ready to show you one of our favorites – Net Nanny!

Net Nanny

You know when you’re innocently searching a phrase and happen to click on images or a random link and get an eyeful of something you were DEFINITELY NOT searching for? How do you keep that from happening to your kids? Can you really be sitting there when they go online every single time? Common Sense Media recently stated that teens are spending on average 9 hours/day online (not including school work) and Tweens (ages 10-12) are spending on average 6 hours/day so I’m guessing that you most definitely are not going to have time for that!

Net Nanny‘s award-winning technology filters, monitors, and blocks unsafe materials while allowing kids access to the Internet. And unlike other parental controls that simply block a list of web sites, Net Nanny’s dynamic filter scans and analyzes each web site to determine if it is appropriate for your child, based on your unique customization. It can even mask profanity but let the site pass, ensuring kids are protected while they navigate the Internet.

The best part, to me, is that I can completely customize it for my family because no two families are alike and no two kids are alike.

Net Nanny for online safety

Without getting too involved in all the things it can do here are some of the awesome features:

  • Internet filtering software with pre-defined age based settings and unlimited customization options
  • Blocking or Allowing Specific Websites
  • Profanity masking to limit exposure to unwanted language
  • Safe search enforcement
  • Alerts to know when websites are blocked, when children request additional access or time and summary reports to review online activity.
  • Remote Cloud-based Parent Console to see reports and make changes to settings.
  • Nanny Social protects kids from online threats and monitors activities related to “friends,” cyberbullying, predators, privacy concerns, and reputation-damaging pictures or videos.

So basically all the stuff you wish you could do yourself but you can’t!

Besides keeping your kids safe I LOVE the time limits you can set. It eases a ton of arguments or even you having to keep track of how long they’ve been online.

Net Nanny for online safety

I feel like this is one of those things that I talk about with friends in person all the time so I made a little video for you so we can pretend that we’re in person 😉

I feel like this is one of those things that you really need to play with to see how it can work best for you so you can grab a free 15 day trial of Net Nanny and try it out for yourself. My recommendation is to start it when you have some time to tweak the settings and really get the most out of that free trial so you can see how it will benefit your family.

I’m so glad I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’ve tried out enough ways to keep kids safe online that I can start recommending some to you!

Net Nanny for online safety

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