One + one = one and three quarters?

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Does 1+1 always equal 1? Let’s find out!

(doing this experiment can be fun with any amount of water and/or different colors of food coloring we only had green and I only had a tiny bit of alcohol left so this is what we did)

You’ll need water, isopropyl alcohol, whatever measuring amount you’re using, a clear cup, marker, food coloring (optional)

Measure and mark 1 part water and then 2 parts water.

We then got our alcohol ready (be careful with this – safety goggles are a good idea in case any splashing occurs)

Measure out 1 part water and 1 part alcohol – does it equal 2 parts?

The molecules in the alcohol actually interdisperses in between the more widely spaced water molecules. It fills in the gaps. Try it with salt and sugar too! the clear liquid is fun becuase it’s like magic!

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