Favorite Packing Tips

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I feel like packing is such an individual thing. And I used to be TERRIBLE at it. Like throw everything in the closet into a bag and call it good terrible. I mean, I had plenty to choose from but it was always such a disaster. We’ve tried so many things over the years and I think we’ve done it enough now to have some favorite tips so I thought I’d share them with you as we’re getting ready to head out!

Packing Tips!

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I saw this Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder and wanted to try it out for ourselves. Once I used the first one I bought I immediately bought 3 more. Seriously. I have no idea why it works so well but it’s easy for my boys to pack themselves, keeps clothes from getting all tousled in the luggage, packs a ton in a small space, keeps it all neat so it can be taken right out and into a drawer, and makes it possible to easily pack 2 kids in one suitcase.

I love, love, love this thing. I wanted to share this earlier but thought a video might be easier to see!

You can get these on Eagle Creek‘s site or Amazon (the starter sets are awesome). We like the packing cubes a lot too (pictured in the bottom right).

Some other things I’ve learned to love to bring:

  • Plastic bags and lots of them. Some of you mentioned on Facebook that you like to pack outfits in these (so smart!) I like to have them on hand for so many things. Food, wet clothes, bathroom stuff that might leak, small loose things boys tend to collect on vacation… I always bring gallon and quart sized.
  • Suction cup hooks (just from the dollar store) You can hang wet suits in the shower or on the mirror to get them to dry a bit easier. Also good for clothes you may need to wash in the sink or washcloths! Anything to get stuff off of the shower floor.
  • A corral for dirty clothes. If you have a kid like mine who leaves a trail of clothes wherever he goes this is a lifesaver. Sometimes dollar stores will have the pop up ones (LOVE those) but anything to keep dirty clothes in is just a sanity saver for me. Plus, if you need to do laundry, you have something to carry them in! At just a dollar you can toss before heading home if you wanted.
  • First Aid kit. Most places will have access to some sort of supplies but it’s just SO much easier to have them on hand. Bandaids for sure, but in our family we also bring Benadryl, Bonine and pain reliever/fever reducer for kids and adults.

Packing TipsYou all had some great tips as well here are some:

  • “I organize the kid’s clothes into outfits complete with all the accessories” – from Jeanette
  • “Take a bit less than you think you’ll need. You’ll buy more anyway.” – from Jen
  • “I had 2 changes of clothes & a ziploc w/ toothbrush, etc. in their carryon backpacks. If our luggage never showed up, it didn’t throw off our trip much at all. If it was a swimming trip, I included their swim suit & flip flops.” – from Claudia (we do this too!)
  • “I organize outfits in ziploc bags also, complete with all accessories. It’s just easier to hand the hubby a bag than have him search the suitcase.” – from Ashley who also says this keeps your luggage from getting soaked in the event of a storm!
  • “sometimes use large gallon baggies to stuff things in. If you close them most of the way, then squeeze the air out and seal them, you can fit more in the suitcases or bags. Also helps when you’re returning home and you have clean clothes in the same suitcase as dirty clothes.” – from Jennifer
  • Natalie suggested water shoes if you’re going to a water park it’s super expensive to buy there and you’ll wish you had them!

Loving all your tips! Leave more in the comments and I’ll compile a nice big list for us 😉



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