Paper Snowflakes

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The simple, but fun, winter craft – paper snowflakes! I like this method of folding because you can cut anywhere top, bottom, or any side and your snowflake turns out – the less rules the better right?!

You’ll need a square sheet of paper. I like to cut a stack of papers into squares with my paper trimmer ahead of time.

First you fold the paper in half to form a triangle

and in half again

Next you’re going to take the open end and fold it towards the other side about 1/3 of the way in

fold the other side over the top of that one

Now you’re going to cut off the “tails” at the bottom. If you turn it over you’ll have a nice straight guide.

Now the fun part – cut away! Cut triangles, squares, wavy lines – whatever you like

The fun part about folding this way is that you can cut whatever side, top, or bottom you like.


When you’re satisfied with your cuts – carefully unfold your masterpiece.

Ta Da!

The boys made a ton of snowflakes and wanted to know where I was going to hang them all. I think I found the perfect way and now they are itching to make more!

I’m sharing how I like to hang their snowflakes over at Modern Parents Messy Kids – come stop by!

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  1. This is great! We've been using coffee filters since they are round and fairly easy to cut. So fun to see how they turn out and my boys are thrilled with each one!!

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