Parenting, Disney Planes and $100 to Fandago!

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You know we are Disney fans here so I was excited when they asked us to learn about some of the characters in the upcoming movie Planes!

Parenting has been the only job I’ve ever been 100% sure I wanted. I love being a Mom. Ever since the boys were born I’ve had a “do what works for you” type of parenting style. What works for me and my kids won’t work for everyone and vice versa. One of the things I try hard to instill in my kids is that courage and belief in themselves will get them far. I love that Disney is trying to get that message across with their new movie Planes!

We are excited for the movie so it was fun to read about the new characters (and the actors who will be playing them) and their personalities. In the movie Dusty is a crop duster has a fear of heights and a dream to win an international race. He has a lot of people in his life who support him (or not) in his dreams. 

Like I said before I have a “what works for you” type of parenting style. Every situation is a bit different and I try to take each as it comes deciding what my kids need from me to reach their goals. Sometimes they need a little push, sometimes a lot of encouragement but I think we, as their parents, lay the foundation for how they will go about life very early on. I think I really connect with Chug (voice of Brad Garret) who is a fuel truck in the movie. 

Chug PlanesAllison Waken and boys

 Ok so I hope I don’t look like a fuel truck ๐Ÿ˜‰ Chug is a bold supporter and Dusty’s biggest fan (I will ALWAYS be my kids’ biggest fan) If Chug doesn’t have what Dusty needs he’ll find someone who does! While I may need to encourage hard work like Leadbottom would (a puttering old bi-plane) sometimes, for the most part I try to be encouraging without being overbearing. I definitely encourage them to try new things and if they fail to try again.

I tend not to take on a “tough love” approach like Dottie the forklift (although some situations may call for it) but I do see a lot of Rochelle (one of the other race competitors) in myself. She’s a confident tough racer who learns as she goes. 

Learning about the characters has definitely got me excited for the movie and thinking about my parenting style and how best to teach my boys to have the courage to keep going and reach their dreams.

You can find out more about Disney Planes on their SITE / FACEBOOK / TWITTER


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Allison Waken is a wife, mom of boys and Phoenix, AZ native. She has been creating inspiring content for All for the Boys since 2011. Allison loves travel, movies and spending as much time as possible with her family while she can!


  1. I challenge my girls to follow their dreams by continually supporting their interests and by trying to highlight the happiness that we have in our lives to give them their own wings to confidently soar. (well that's the plan anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wrote a post called How Do You Follow Your Happiness and we do this daily activity with our kids ๐Ÿ™‚


    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  2. We ask tons of questions and go to the library to read books about what interests them. We also go to work sites to watch and hopefully give them an opportunity to explore.

  3. Honestly I have never thought about it before! My kids are 10 and 2 1/2, and I haven't given the future much thought at all. We are a live by the minut, never plan anything unless we have to kind of family. But now I will be working on that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. After watching a TED talk on what characteristics and accomplishments predict success, I have started to encourage my son to persevere and work hard. For his specific dreams, my husband and I try to stay out his way and let him figure out how he is going to realize them.

  5. We challenge our children to follow their dreams by supporting their interests and helping them gain the skills to accomplish the things they love.

  6. Adrienne gordon Reply

    I challenge them by not trying to tell them what they should be when they grow up, I encourage trying new things.

  7. I encourage my children to follow their passions for art and music. My 8 year old is a budding artist, my 10 year old plays guitar and drums, and my 3 year old daughter takes ballet. I applaud their accomplishments and motivate them to keep doing their best.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  8. i remind them that it is okay to have their own dreams – different from their friends and siblings. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I try to encourage my son to try new things. When he is leery to try something, I will try it myself to show him!
    reklaw422 at Hotmail dot com

  10. Tricia Bunker Reply

    Like most we are on a tight budget but my husband and I work hard on exposing them to a variety of sports and activities. Our kids are still young, 4 kids under the age of 7, but we try to encourage and support their hobbies. Right now their dreams consist of being a Jedi Master , Princess and School Teacher so right now we are trying to teach them the value of a good education.

  11. Always inspire them to try new things & to always follow their dreams. Because if they don't they might regret it some day.

  12. I remind my kids that they can do anything they want and that God made everybody with a purpose.

  13. I encourage my son by supporting his ideas and dreams and by teaching him to work hard

  14. I try to involve my kids in sports or activities that interest them. I also practice with them and encourage them to try their best to achieve their goals.

  15. My kids have many interests and I keep them interested by keeping them involved. For example, my son has a huge fascination with computers, so I set him up with a summer programming camp at our local university!

  16. I believe that a lot of self- discipline is required to pursue dreams, especially the most ambitious ones. so far my son displays a ton of imagination and creativity, but without the discipline and perseverance character traits I don't think an active imagination alone will serve him well. So we are working little by little to instill build the self-discipline that we believe will lead to a fruitful life and the ability to accomplish his wildest dreams!

  17. I encourage my boys by helping them align their dreams with things that actually matter for eternity…broadening their view beyond self. BTW…I'm a mom of 6 young boys! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Tara Blanchard Reply

    I never really thought I challenged my kiddos (boys 8 and 6) but reflecting after reading this post, I realized that I do challenge them to be the best versions of themselves now and in the future. I make sure that they understand that God has endowed each person with multiple gifts and unique talents and that they can be anything they want to be!

  19. mary norman Reply

    i try to let them choose their activities, but always make sure that they do something. we go to the library ALOT andwe learn about diffferent cultures throgh different books.
    I always try to be supportive and give them kind words to set an example.
    thanks for the chance.
    mary n

  20. Being parents of three rambuctious boys we try to support our children in whatever interests them, and that changes regularly. Being able to give my children opportunities to grow and flourish is one of the best ways to instill confidence and self worth.We are also try to teach them that hard work pays off and if you keep your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

  21. We let him, and encourage him, to try anything he wants to do, even if it's something that freaks us out!! As long as he wants to try something and we can make it happen, we will. Even though he's only 3, he has no fear and thinks he can accomplish anything…..and I will do whatever I can to make sure he keeps that attitude!

  22. I love to talk to them about what they want to do & then we pray together asking God for courage & boldness. We have also learned the verse Isaiah 41:13 "I am the Lord you're God. I am holding your hand. so don't be afraid. I'm here to help you." when they're scared or nervous I hear them repeating that verse to God. sweet moments!

  23. I try to encourage my son's interests and not to force my own ideas on him about what he needs to be doing. If he shows an interest in a subject, we try to incorporate that subject in lots of ways from going to museums to getting books at the library.

  24. I expose them to lots of opportunities to explore and learn and encourage them to try new things.

  25. melissa resnick Reply

    we encourage our daughter to follow her dreams riding her horses

  26. I encourage questions (and follow up research as Mom doesn't know everything). They know I will want them to try before asking for help. I'm happy to take their hand and help them, but I want them to know what they are capable of first. That's true for physically and mentally challenging activities.

  27. I challenge them by talking to them about what they want their dreams to look like! If they want to be a world class piano player, then they have to practice – so I help them make time each day to practice!

  28. Lorena Keech Reply

    We don't have children but I can tell you my parents encouraged my brother and me by telling us we risked nothing but our egos if we didn't try. And if we failed, we would learn something from our failure.

  29. I try to gently nudge my children to conquer their fears and grow. I listen to what they are interested in and try to help them develop their interest.

  30. I take the time to listen to my son when he talks about his dreams and passions, even though he is just 7 years old. Even though some may not make sense, I encourage him, and remember that these are his dreams. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I always cheer and clap for my son!! when he falls i always offer a hand and a smile and tell him that did great and that let's try it again

  32. Nicole Larsen Reply

    I encourage my daughter to try new thingsโ€“types of sports or activities and when I see she is really interested in something I push her to do the best she can at it and constantly be supportive of her in any decision she makes!

  33. I donโ€™t have any kids, but I have two little cousins who I try to help guide in the right direction. I try to present them with new opportunities and activities when I see them. I want to show them the many possibilities that are out there. I want them to reach for the stars.

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