Pirate Week!

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Welcome to Pirate Week! This week we’ll share some fun activities and inspiration for all your little Pirates including a fun giveaway! But first your pirate must be outfitted in proper attire which includes a hook.

You may have seen this DIY hook before – it’s super easy. Just cut a hole or slit in a plastic cup, form a hook from some tin foil and slip in the hole. I was informed that pirates did NOT have blue hook bases so we covered our cup with black duct tape.

However, everyone knows that a good pirate doesn’t just have a hook.

A pirate can’t eat sushi without chop sticks 😉

And a pirate can’t draw a treasure map with a fork

And apparently a cookie needs to be eaten with a spoon

This is a fun way to incorporate activities for a party or an at home pirate day. Give them different inserts to complete different tasks. You could even use this for doing chores – cleaning the countertops is so much more fun with a sponge hand than without.

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  1. oh, pirates: a so good idea!
    Come to see my little pirate on my blog, I knit a red beard.
    More quickly, you can cut it in a piece of fur, and cut two holes to cross ears.
    enjoy with this week, thank

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